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Infertility Clinic Appt.

12 Jun

We went to our appointment at the infertility clinic yesterday.  They have their own wing in the OB-GYN department, which had a huge waiting room.  When I went to check in, they told me that my doctor was in a different section, and pointed to a door.  We went through a maze of hallways, and saw a sign that said Fertility Waiting Room, which was tucked away in a corner at the end of the hallway.  This waiting room was tiny, with a coffee machine and four chairs.  So if two couples were in there, we’d be staring at each other, in claustrophobic awkward silence.  Thank God we were the only ones hidden away in shame.  What would we have talked about? “Hey, we’re here for 1% morphology. What about you guys?” Ha.  Well, I’m at least glad that we didn’t have to wait in the OB-GYN waiting room, sitting next to women with baby-bumps!


The night before we had filled out super long questionnaires.  After the assistant took my blood pressure, the doctor called us into her office for a consultation.  I couldn’t stop staring at her ring hand, which had the biggest rock I’ve ever seen in my life.  It was Hollywood Superstar sized, it was so big.  She must come from a billionaire family.  Anyway, she was happy I brought my Cycle Calendar, and happy for my notes.  In it, I write down when I get a smiley face on my OPK, the first day of my period, when I get ewcm, when we BD. Everything.  She had been concerned when she started counting in January because my luteal phase had been really short.  But then It started becoming regular so she’s pleased that my cycles are now regular at 24-28 days.  She said that she was concerned about my Estriadol results last month, thinking that although in a normal range, she didn’t think that the number should have been as high as 96 on day 3.  She wanted to see what the number would look like on Day 2 of my cycle.  Well wouldn’t you know that it happened to be day 2!  Serendipity? She thought my thyroid levels were in normal range, but at higher end of normal range and she likes to see it lower.  After my blood work she would determine if she’d give me a low dose of LEVOTHYROXINE. She also reviewed Mr Wolf’s SA and said his count and motility were perfect, but (as I already figured) that by quitting MJ, his morphology would likely go up. Infertility treatments won’t be covered by insurance before November, but she thinks that with these tweaks (medication for thyroid if needed, Mr Wolf cutting MJ), we may become pregnant by then.  She wants Mr Wolf to get another SA in September, and wanted to see us again in Sept. to see if there’s anything else in the meantime we can do that isn’t an extensive procedure.  My blood work also came in SAME DAY, and she ordered LEVOTHYROXINE 25 MCG TABLET for me.  So we’ll see what happens.

When my GYN called me with Mr. Wolf’s SA results the end of May, it was the same day that I went with my sister to get matching tattoos.  That day I turned a new page in my mindset.  I was no longer going to actively TTC, obsessing on days, tracking, etc.  I have not felt such peace in my mind as these past 2.5 weeks have felt.  I am relishing this short break.  I have camping, hiking, bike riding, and Aruba to look forward to this summer. Things don’t seem so dire right now, and I’m going to enjoy this time.