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SA results

26 Sep

Mr. Wolf went in for a second SA this morning.  Here are the results:


Great news! [Mr. Wolf’s] repeat semen analysis was completely normal–morphology 4%

Aaaaand, I have been noticing pink ewcm since yesterday. 

Baby makin’ time!!!!!!!!!

I really hope that all it really takes is him cutting out smoking, and that I don’t have additional problems. The next step would be an HSG if I don’t become pregnant by November (the one-year mark). I really don’t want to do that.

Fingers crossed!!!!


Back from Hiatus!

24 Sep

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been three months since I’ve updated this.  It’s been a nice relaxing break from TTC.  I have been tracking my cycles, but I haven’t used any OPKs, haven’t obsessed over days or symptoms, haven’t spent the entire day on TTC threads/forums.  It’s been so nice! 

My summer consisted of going to the Cape, to local beaches, water parks, amusement parks, going out for drinks, and spending a vacation in Aruba with my husband. We actually coincided time there with my sister, her husband, and my nephew.  It was the most fun we’ve had in Aruba yet!  In fact, I was grateful that I was able to do that, because if I were pregnant, we probably wouldn’t have taken the trip.  Oh and I also took on an extra class this semester, which probably would be hard on my energy, considering I work full time as well.  So there’s that. 


One major thing that’s happened is that when my youngest sister picked us up from the airport, she said with slight concern, “I’ve been worried about telling you this…” and showed me a picture of a sonogram!  She’d been feeling sick, and it turned out that she was eight weeks pregnant!  First reaction: shock and happiness for her. The next day my feelings turned into a happiness/excitement (another nephew or niece to spoil!) mixed with sadness and jealousy.  I’m still dealing with feelings of jealousy/sadness.  Even though we haven’t been actively trying, the hope was that all of this relaxation would do the trick. Drinking pina coladas all day while sunning on the beach in Aruba?!? Isn’t that the RECIPE for making a baby??? Sigh.


Mr. Wolf has a second SA scheduled for this coming Wednesday.  The hope is that his morphology goes up from 1%.  He’s significantly cut back on mary-jane, has been taking Fertility Blend, and has cut down on soda too.  Update to come, hopefully good news!