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16 weeks

31 Jan

16 weeks today!

I had the best sleep of my entire LIFE last night.  I have always had trouble falling asleep.  Even in those early weeks of the first trimester, where I felt extreme tiredness all day long, I was never able to just lay in bed and fall asleep.  My routine is always either reading, or watching some mindless TV in order to fall asleep.  Sometimes the book would actually keep me up (I’ve been reading A Dance with Dragons, just finished.), and sometimes the book would help me fall sleep.  Same with TV. Anyway- sleep has never come easy!!! I even thought that since I quit caffeine cold turkey (without a single headache!), it’d be easier. Nope.

I think what helped is that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I will be taking a morning course from 8-8:50 a.m.  Then I get in to work at about 9:30 and work until 5:30.  The course is fun – I am not a morning person AT ALL and would never have enrolled in it if I didn’t have a passion for the subject: it’s called The Rise and Fall of the Maya.  It falls under the Intermediate Seminar requirement, and it’s also an upper-level course for my Anthro major.  So yea, back when I first started college after high school, I was an Anthro major.  I went on a dig in Belize and helped unearth cool Maya artifacts. For life reasons I had to withdraw and have been working.  I’m in a great spot career-wise. Great company, they love me I love them.  Right before I started TTC I told myself that I had to at least TRY to finish my Bachelor’s before having a child so that I wouldn’t always wonder if I could have finished.  I actually remember the phone call with my aunt.  I was having crazy baby fever, and I called her crying saying I wanted a baby NOW, but I wanted to see if I could try school before baby.  Decision made: I’m going back.  I check online for scholarships. Guess what.  A BRAND NEW scholarship for RETURNING ADULTS.  Requirements were: must be over 25, must have been out of school for more than five years. Check and check.  Uh oh, deadline is in two days.  That night, I got a pumpkin muffin at Dunkin Donuts (yummmm) and wrote my essay. Emailed it to my aunt.  She helped me modify it the next day.  Day of deadline, one of my husband’s bike messengers biked it to the office.  Fast forward a few migraine-ridden weeks and Financial Aid Office hoops, and I won the award!!!!  It pays for two classes for Spring and Fall semesters.  Perfect for my part time schedule!! Unheard of in the Financial Aid office – they’d maintained that Part-Time scholarships didn’t exist.  Award is eligible for renewal every year so long as funds exist, and I’ve been receiving since 2010.  I was told they aren’t sure how many years they’ll support me, but that they’ll let me know the semester prior if the money will stop.  So far so good!

ANYWAY- one page later – I got up an hour earlier Monday, and Wednesday, so last night I fell right asleep at 10 pm and slept through the ENTIRE NIGHT.  Usually if I wake up randomly, it takes a while to fall back asleep.  My mind starts racing and I think about my entire life.  It was really windy and the noise of what sounded like a house blowing down the street woke me up.  The best part though: another instance I woke up because Mr. Wolf was rubbing my belly!!!  I smothered him in besitos (kisses) and fell back asleep. So delicious.

This week I’ve been much better about the gym too.  I did Zumba on Tuesday with a girl from my office.  We both looked silly because memorizing the steps was IMPOSSIBLE. Especially since the instructor was so fast.  But it got my heartrate up and was fun.  I did the elliptical and some weights today too.  I bought a pregnancy DVD on Amazon which I’ll try this weekend.  It’s more of an upper body strength DVD.  I’m afraid for the summer because I know I’ll want sleeveless dresses but my arms look squidgy.  I’ll review the DVD when I try it!

I’m adding a picture of my bump at 15 weeks, 5 days.  Oh!  Last night I felt bubbles in my belly, and a sort of fluttering.  I’m not sure if that’s what the first kicks feel like.  I did a search on this and I read alot about bubbles, and flutters.  But, it could also have been my broccoli and rice. Ha.Image


Bump watch: 14 weeks

25 Jan

14 weeks

Here I am in a tank and PJ’s. Bump doesn’t look as big as in maternity dress or winter coat (vaca bump pics from last weekend to come!)

15 weeks!

25 Jan

Yesterday, 1/24, I noticed my bump began to finally “pop”!  I had my hands in my winter coat and I always just rub my belly, and it felt bigger and firmer. So cute. Bake up, jellybean!


So here are some cravings:

Cold water in a glass with lots of ice cubes in it.

cantaloupe and mango!  ßthis is the only thing that I’ve gone out of my way to satiate.


Jalapeno peppers on my roast chicken sandwiches from subway!

Hot sauce- love spicy right now!!

Buffalo tenders.  I try to limit that, since they’re fried.



Hate Sprite. So random.

Still hate cooking.  It’s a little more tolerable now, but I still breathe through my mouth to avoid smelling. Blechhhh.


I’ve been so forgetful lately.  If I don’t write something down IMMEDIATELY, it’s gone.


I’ve been looking up babystuff on buybuy baby, and have been overwhelmed deciding what stroller to choose.  I know it’s a ways away, but I’m a planner!  First I was worried about recalls, but if something is recalled, doesn’t it get taken off the store website?  Either way, I’d find a nice one with good reviews and then looked up recalls.  Someone told me not to worry about the “recall aspect” of it, as I can get updates if I register my product.  To go by word of mouth/reviews.  OK, I can do that.  Ideally, I’d like a stroller that can be rear-facing when an infant, and then can convert to face the world once the baby has object permanence.  For me, I would feel better that JellyBean face us because 1. I can keep an eye on him/her and 2. when infants are so little they don’t realize that mami and daddy are pushing them. I feel that would be so scary! I know they can’t see far anyway, even if facing you, but the intimacy is more comforting too.  I also want something that isn’t unwieldy. My nephew’s stroller was great when he was a baby, but so hard to push.

So here are ideas that I have that I KNOW will most likely not happen, since once baby comes craziness ensues and our best laid plans get thrown in the diaper bin, ha ha.


I want to try to stay away from walkers/bouncy seats.  I know theories and studies are divided, but I choose to go with the “walkers/bouncers inhibit development” camp.  I also learned through my university course on Infant and Toddler Development about the Pikler/Magda philosophy.  I won’t be following it per se, but there are many things that I learned that make a lot of sense.  Not forcing my baby into positions until HE is ready for them makes complete sense to me.  I also believe in letting JellyBean play and explore the world for himself, giving him space and respect and not overwhelming him, BUUUT I also plan on playing WITH baby too.  Maybe I’ll have an “alone play time” block.  And I plan on using a babycarrier (facing me, and when a little older).  It seems that lots of people that follow Pikler are against too much holding/cuddling – and this is based SOLELY on the few blogs that I managed to find!! – and I am way too much of a hugger to not hold baby all the time.


I just wonder – where is it safe to place the newborn when I’m washing dishes or cleaning up?  A bassinett?  I know floor time is important but kitchen floor is soooo cold. Although it’ll be summer….


OK getting ahead of myself.  Right now, I am 15 weeks and am so happy. My bump makes me happy. Everyone is saying I’m glowing and I FEEL it. Three weeks to find out the sex! 

13 weeks, 6 days!

16 Jan

Mama is at the office right now writing in her comfy work maternity pants!  These things are the comfiest things EVERRRR.  After wearing my maternity jeans, I thought it was time to get work slacks and I’m so glad I did.  I also went to the gym today and did 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I feel like such a bum, but really it’s all I have the energy for.  Last week I think I went ONCE to the gym, and again only once this week. Sigh. At least I’m getting there? I’m going to aim for at least twice next week.

This weekend my honey and I are going on a mini babymoon! We’re staying in New Hampshire 🙂  I want to go to this pancake place that’s gotten really good reviews on yelp. YUM. Banana pancakes- I’m already drooling.  We also want to go on a short hike, snow permitting.  They got some snow today, too. We’ll see!  They also have a heated outdoor pool.  I’m bringing swim stuff just in case I’m brave enough to swim in it.

Mr Wolf and I had our first “real” discussion about childcare in the future.  My mom and sister have offered to watch the baby.  My sister isn’t working right now because she had knee surgery back in May.  Her knee still hasn’t fully rehabbed, and she has trouble walking.  My mom works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and leaves home at 4pm to go to work.  Meaning that JellyBean would be with my sister only about 1.5 hours alone.  (The “trouble walking” is the main idea here.)

Mr. Wolf thinks that his mom can come to our house and watch JellyBean.  The thought makes me anxious.  She has bad ankles and needs a cane to get from A to B.  Seeing her walk outside is painful 😦 It makes me worry that God FORBID anything should happen and she’d need to react fast… she can’t.  “Neither can your sister.”  But she’s also a nurse, and my 10 year old nephew would be there the 1.5 hours that she’d be home alone with JellyBean. PLUS, she and my mom can speak Spanish to the baby, which is what I need to raise a bilingual child. I’m still on the fence about his mom as an everyday option, since my friend told me I may be being too hard on her. I mean, date night- sure! But I just feel anxious as childcare.  I dunno…

Sigh. The only con to the mom/sis scenario is commute.  To get there, I’d have to take one train (red line), transfer lines (to the green line) after 8 stops, walk to their place, drop off JellyBean, get back on the green line train, go to work, leave work, take the green line train to their house, pick up Baby, back on green line train, transfer to red line to go home.  I’m sure that on days my mom doesn’t work (Tues/Fri) she can meet me at the train and cut out the “walk”.  BUT- for free child care with family it’s worth it.  This is all still in the future but it’s been in the back of my mind. And I’m sure that Mr. Wolf can sometimes pick JellyBean up.

Well, I’ll let everyone know how the pancakes are!  I’m saying NOTHING on facebook about the babymoon because I don’t want to invite people to chime in with “Enjoy your freedom while you can”.  Nothing infuriates me more.  I’ve had my share of raising children and I still had freedom with my baby sis and nephew- I took/take those children everywhere, and even spontaneously.  Sure it takes more planning when babies, but as babies I still lugged them to fun places. I can’t wait to show my baby the world 🙂

12 weeks!

7 Jan

Actually- 12 weeks, 4 days.

And I went Facebook and Work official.  It was so touching, to hear everyone so happy for me.  At work, I emailed the “coming-out photo” (my husband and I holding a pair of cub booties, and two ultrasound pictures next to us), and everyone came up and hugged me. J  People from FB were calling me and congratulating me.  (Family and super close friends we made sure to tell in person, and that may have been well before the 12 week mark because we’re bad at keeping secrets, ha ha).


We went last Thursday to get the NT screening done.  The technician was laughing because the baby wouldn’t sit still enough for her to take measurements.  It was really fun and amazing watching the baby move his little arms and legs. I wish I could have taken a phone video of it!!!  Of course there were all sorts of dire warnings against cell phones and recordings so I couldn’t :p


My digestion seems to be getting better!  Well, it’s either that or I’ve learned what works best for me.  I cannot overeat, because if I get full the food just sits there and I burp alllll day.  It’s horrible. So now I just eat small amounts throughout the day.  I made us a treat Saturday morning: pancakes!  I use ¼ cup to measure out the batter and get small cakes.  I ate three small ones and really wanted another but was scared that I’d overeat and have an upset stomach all day.  The pancake won the battle, and my stomach felt fine afterwards.  Nice!


I still get sleepy earlier than before.  It’s like I’ll be fine, and then suddenly BOOM, a brick wall of sleepiness.  Sometimes I fall asleep right away, and other times (like last night), I just toss and turn and end up turning on the TV. Very annoying. 


As far as cravings: pickles and boneless buffalo wings (no blue cheese)!  Not necessarily together though 😉

My aversion to water seems to be disappearing. I was actually CRAVING it yesterday. YES!!!

It’s true what they say: pregnancy makes you emotional. I was bawling during Batman Rises, ha ha. So random.


I also went to Macy’s and got some good deal on maternity pants.  Right now, my jeans are torture: I am buttoning them with a hair tie because they feel too tight.  I’m not showing too much yet, just a teeeeny bit, but I think it might be bloat.  I wore the maternity jeans this weekend and they are SO COMFY.  I think all jeans should be made with elastic belly bands, ha ha. 


I was reading that babies may begin to hear their mother’s voice in the womb at around 18 weeks.  And that by the time babies are born, they will be able to distinguish their mother’s native tongue.  I am going to research this more, but I want to read Spanish books to my Jellybean.  Our household speaks English, but I was raised in a Spanish household. My father never let us speak English to him at home (even though he spoke it), so that we wouldn’t lose our Spanish.  I am so grateful for that!! Speaking two languages has opened so many doors for me, and has done SO MUCH for me.  I loved being able to REALLY CONNECT to people in our travels to Guatemala, Mexico, Belize…. It means so much to me.  I am so scared that because my husband and I speak English (he is Caucasian), that our Jellybean might be deprived of being bilingual.  I need to make every effort possible to give him the gift of a second language.  So far my plans:  let my mom, dad, grandma and myself speak ONLY Spanish to the baby.  Read books in Spanish beginning at 20 weeks.  Find Spanish play-date groups. Spanish Sunday school.  (the last two are for when a little older of course).  Any tips/advice on this appreciated!