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Baby stuff for our Ladybug!!

22 Feb

I told myself I wouldn’t do this, but it’s impossible!! Here are a few things I just couldn’t resist buying.  The first item is from The G.ap.  It’s so cute because you can unsnap the bottom and re-snap it into pants! That way it can fit in a stroller harness!



And our JellyBean is a…. !!!

20 Feb

Wow, I haven’t updated my blog in two weeks!!!  I’ve been a busy bee between work and classes and shopping for BABY GIRL CLOTHES! 🙂  When we went for the scan (in which we also learned that all of her measurements are perfect!), it just “clicked” in my heart.  A little girl! Our little ladybug.  Mr. Wolf knew it – he’d had a dream that he was changing a diaper and it was a little girl.  I was convinced this whole time we were having a boy. Wrong! Although a colleague at work told me that when I showed her my ultrasound, I referred to baby as “she”.  Hmmmmmm.

We have been so excited, being able to refer to baby as “she”, and as our ladybug!  Already I’ve bought ladybug shoes for later, a cute little onesie, and a jackolantern diaper cover (like underwear over diapers). I’m obsessed with halloween year-round!

I battled a stomach bug for 4 days straight. NOT FUN.  All of Saturday I was so exhausted that I literally was in and out of sleep all day long.  The doctor still has me drinking Gatorade to hydrate.  Yesterday and the night before I was cramping alllll day and night, and the dr. thinks it was possibly a combination of the after effects of the stomache bug, round ligament pain, and dehydration.

My bump has definitely without a doubt POPPED. I love it. Every time I walk by a mirror I stare at it. And I’m always rubbing it. LOVE IT.

Passed the 1 hr glucose test!!!

5 Feb

My midwife contacted me and said my levels were completely normal. YES!!!!  It was 99, and the normal range listed is 65 – 139.  I’m so glad I don’t have to do the 3-hr test, and that I don’t have to give up my morning orange juice!

1 hour Glucose Test

4 Feb

I went in today for my 1 hr glucose test.  The labs at my clinic really like messing with me.  I’d wanted to go yesterday, but the location near me said that since I’d had an english muffin earlier that day, I couldn’t go in since it had to be fasting.  I called my doctor today, and the nurse said that no, I didn’t have to fast.  As long as I didn’t eat for an hour beforehand, I could come it. I drank the orange concoction (which tasted like flat Fanta!), walked back to the office, and then hid all of my snacks so I wouldn’t accidentally eat them.  You should see my snack drawer.  It’s full of raisin boxes, almonds (honey roasted are my favorite. Soooo dangerous to keep!), kashi granola bars, peanut butter… and I had one bag of those orange slices candies that I ate in a little over a week.  Walked back within the hour and they drew blood for the glucose, and also for the second sequential screening bloodwork. I hope I get results soon.  And I really really hope that I don’t have to take the 3 hour glucose test if I fail this one!

I also picked up a huge jug for my 24 hour preeclampsia urine test. They were concerned because high blood pressure runs in my family.  And because the day of my first ultrasound, my blood pressure was high. Well OF COURSE it was high! I was a bundle of nerves, wondering if I had a healthy baby that was actually growing in my belly or not.  They didn’t see me until 10 weeks… who wouldn’t be nervous??? Anyway, they’ll compare these results with results in my third trimester IF I have high blood pressure.

Crossing fingers for stellar labwork results!!!Image