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23 wks, 6 days

27 Mar

It’s been a week since my appointment with the midwife, and I’ve definitely started feeling kicks.  On Monday morning during my class, I felt two hard kicks that jolted me right out of my seat! I jumped!! In part I think I started feeling them because now I know where they’d be (waayyy up high on my tummy).  She’d wanted me to make an appointment in two weeks (so that’d be next week) if “she wasn’t kicking like crazy by then.”  And if so, I could cancel. But I’m not sure how to define “kicking like crazy”.  I haven’t felt anything else since those two hard kicks on Monday.  I’ve felt movement, but teeny movements. I think she wants me to come in more for peace of mind?  But I still wonder what it could mean! I vaguely remember the doctor telling me during the gender scan that I had an anterior placenta.  I THINK.  So maybe that’s why I haven’t felt her kicking up a storm.  Midwife was really happy with heartbeat and measurements, etc., and she was kicking alot during the ultrasound but I wasn’t feeling them.  Why??? 


22 wks, 5 days

19 Mar

This week, our ladybug jellybean is the size of a papaya!  And wow has she been growing!!! Starting Saturday, it has been impossible to zip up my winter coat.  And today there was a snowstorm, ha.

I’ve been having soreness on my upper abdomen. It felt almost like a bruise, and was very sore to the touch. When I phoned the nurse they thought the pain was too high for it to be pregnancy related, and thought it was more gastrointestinal.  I went in this morning and told the midwife about it and she suspected that maybe it was stretching of the uterus.  They asked if I’d been feeling kicks, and I haven’t really.  I feel flutters and maybe-kicks, but I can’t say that I have felt consistent definite kicks. To set my mind at ease she brought in the ultrasound machine and there she was, with her strong heartbeat long beautiful legs! Aaaa the tears. THe midwife wants me to come in if within 2 weeks I don’t feel her kicking like crazy. Kick me crazy, baby!  They also measured my bump navel to top of the uterus and she measured just right for 22 weeks. 

I’ve found that I’m suddenly having aversions to things I used to be able to eat in first trimester, and I’m getting nauseus.  I used to looove this delicious Chilean steak sandwich with spicy guac sauce, but I had it last week and my stomache was NOT happy afterwards.  I also randomly get sick after eating a blueberry muffin. I guess I like doing things backwards?

The name game

13 Mar

I’ve been trying to compile a list of names to go over with Mr. Wolf for our baby girl. I’d really like the name to flow both in Spanish and in English.  My favorite name has always been Adriana, but he can’t stand that name (it reminds him of the Sopranos) so it’s off the table 😦

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:





Ariana (he isn’t thrilled by this one)

Katarina (Am afraid people will just call her Katrina??)







Lily Mariana


Any other names you can come up with???

20 weeks, 4 days

4 Mar

I hit 20 weeks! That was a mini milestone for me. Baby is the size of a cantaloupe.  My next milestone is 24 weeks, and after that, it will be when strangers recognize that I’m pregnant. 

Not too many updates.Right now I feel I’m at that stage where if I press down my shirts, you can see my bump, but if not I just look chubby.  My winter coat is sooo tight now- I have to squeeze myself in!  This weekend I was feeling this strange ache on my belly, and I realized it was from my coat zipper, when I sit on the train. Unzipping from now on.  It’s going to be Spring soon so I’ll just have to make do until lighter jacket season.

Still haven’t felt consistent kicks.  I’ll feel something that I think is a kick, but I can’t “for sure” say that’s what it is.  I can’t wait for this to happen! I think it will bring my connection to my baby to an even deeper level.

Cooking isn’t as torturous as it was before.  Smells still make me gag, but I can actually make chicken now.

Hitting the gym has been harder.  I went last week during lunch break, and had felt fine, but the rest of the day I was a complete wreck.  I made two mistakes at work and was just so out of it mentally.  I’d only done the elliptical too.  Sigh.

Other than having less energy for the gym, I feel great 🙂