23 wks, 6 days

27 Mar

It’s been a week since my appointment with the midwife, and I’ve definitely started feeling kicks.  On Monday morning during my class, I felt two hard kicks that jolted me right out of my seat! I jumped!! In part I think I started feeling them because now I know where they’d be (waayyy up high on my tummy).  She’d wanted me to make an appointment in two weeks (so that’d be next week) if “she wasn’t kicking like crazy by then.”  And if so, I could cancel. But I’m not sure how to define “kicking like crazy”.  I haven’t felt anything else since those two hard kicks on Monday.  I’ve felt movement, but teeny movements. I think she wants me to come in more for peace of mind?  But I still wonder what it could mean! I vaguely remember the doctor telling me during the gender scan that I had an anterior placenta.  I THINK.  So maybe that’s why I haven’t felt her kicking up a storm.  Midwife was really happy with heartbeat and measurements, etc., and she was kicking alot during the ultrasound but I wasn’t feeling them.  Why??? 


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