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Officially in third trimester!!!!

26 Apr

So excited to be able to write that!!!  I’m still very cautious and nervous, but I think that’s just a personality glitch.  For example, a friend wanted me to “hurry up and have that baby” and my immediate reaction in my head was “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no no no!! She’s due in July!! It’s April!! I can’t hurry up and have it, she’s baking and she’s growing!!!”  Obviously she didn’t mean “have it now” – more like “I wish time would fly faster.” but the superstitious nervous wreck that I am had a mini-stroke with that innocent comment.  Ayyyy a yay.

-strangely, (or not so strangely, since my OB warned me of this), starting this past Monday I felt pregnant all over again.  The energy I still felt after a long day of early morning class and full day of work was gone.  My sister had her baby boy and I wanted so badly to visit again, but I was just. too. tired.  I couldn’t even imagine driving the mere 15 minutes to visit. I needed the bed. And so I lay there.  (I never am able to just nap, I just lay.)  My OB warned me that second trimester was great, and third I’d feel all the symptoms again.  She was right!

Also, my indigestion wants to come back. no! stay away!  Indigestion for me means constant burps. Embarrassing.

When I walk too much, I still feel crampy.  I keep meaning to look for maternity belts on amazon, but the reviews are always so mixed and I can’t seem to pull the trigger on one.

And I’ve just been loving loving LOVING the kicks. 


every day is a blessing :)

17 Apr

Bump is growing growing growing!!!

Baby girl is kicking me lots – I love it!! The feeling is unreal.

It’s getting really hard to put on socks, or lift things off the ground.  Sometimes if I drop some change, I just leave it because it’s too hard to pick up, ha ha.  My nephew was laughing at me cause I couldn’t reach over to get a ketchup packet from a coffee table, he had to help.

I’m waddling now. So my office mate tells me. Ha. thanks :p

I cramp when I walk too much so I have to slow down and “take breaks”, but I’ve been checked and everything is OK.

Oh! And my sister’s baby was born on Sunday!!!! 20 inches, 7.2 lbs, and he is just perfect. A cousin for our babygirl!

I have a second glucose test that I have to get done within 10 days, but I’m not too worried. Hopefully I didn’t jinx it!

I can’t think of more random updates but I’m so blessed to be at 26 weeks 🙂

24 wks, 4 days

1 Apr

Baby’s kicks have been more consistent! I think I’m cancelling my appointment with the midwife scheduled for Thursday. She said to keep appt if I don’t feel her kick like crazy, and I think I can classify it as such now!! I definitely feel her right after eating, and around the time I’m hungry too.  It was cute: we all got a mini stuffed bunny from my MIL for Easter.  I placed the bunny on my belly to see it hop when she kicked. Love!!

  I am thinking of doing a once a month update instead of going for weekly.  I’d considered giving this up since I’ve felt I’m writing to myself lately and feel kind of silly, but not updating at all feels like I”m cheating on my pregnancy / baby!!