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32 weeks!

28 May

I’m so sorry I’ve neglected to update my blog these past few weeks.  Mama has been busy!  Everything has been going great though.  I’ve been in my glory because last week I finished classes for the semester.  Now I can sleep in until 7:30 a.m. and worry only about my job, and can finally focus 100% on my pregnancy!! Honestly, I can’t believe that I managed to wake up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30AM (I am NOT a morning person in the least, much less during pregnancy!), go to the train, get on a shuttle, go to class until 8:50AM, back on the shuttle, back on the train, go to work by 9:30, and stay there sleepy and exhausted already until 5:30.  I give myself 3 gold stars!  I’m SO glad that’s over.


OK here are my updates:


My belly is getting H U U G E !  I smile when I think back on what I thought was a bump back at 14 weeks.  I remember wishing so badly that it would grow.  Well, there is no mistaking this belly.  I feel like everywhere I go, people just stare at me.  Some days it makes me feel good, other days it makes me feel self-conscious.

 Walking is sometimes near impossible.  It’s been an easy pregnancy thus far: I never had morning sickness or vomiting… I had energy… so I can’t complain.  Nor would I!  But the fact is, after more than 5 minutes of walking the pressure I feel in my cervix/pelvis is excruciating.  Today I was near tears.  We slowly trudged to the train station and I was grimacing the whole way.  Mr. Wolf is such a good cheerleader during these treks. Thank God we walk to and from work together.  It feels like my  belly is going to fall right through my cervix. Sometimes it’s a sharp pain, where every step sends a crushing blow – other times it’s just immense pressure.  I’ve mentioned it several times to my OB and MW, and they assure me it’s normal.  That I should walk slow, or take breaks during walking, but that it’s a combination of round ligament/growing pains and increased pressure due to growing baby.  They suggested a maternity belt.  The only thing is: #1 – right now the only thing that I find comfortable wearing are dresses because anything around my waist hurts. Even stretchy maternity panels.  It’s suffocating and painful.  So I’m doing only dresses.  So I’m afraid that a belt will feel just as constrictive as a maternity panel. Do I choose my poison?  #2: there’s nowhere I can go to “try them on”.  I have to blindly order online.  I read reviews of a couple on Amaz.on, and they all say “this runs too small” or “this runs too big” or “you better pray you’re in the 1% this is made to fit”.  And I know myself. I know that if it doesn’t fit, I’ll never go through the process of returning it.  It seems a gamble to me.  Agh.  I just know that I have 8 more weeks of this walking torture, so I suppose it’s worth the gamble.

 Swelling/Footwear:  Woah Nelly, do my feet and hands swell! Sometimes my hands look like man hands (to me).  I’m still wearing my engagement/wedding bands, but the fingers are definitely puffy.  I’m trying to leave them on as long as possible.  I walked to an appointment last week, and when I got back my flats didn’t fit! (I wore flip flops for the walk).  My feet got so puffy it was scary.  I elevated them under my desk and drank lots of water.  They were still puffy when I got home for hours.  I’ve been wearing Reefs flip flops, that do give me good arch support.  But sometimes I feel like I need the support of a sneaker.  Unfortunately those don’t go with Maxi dresses, and no matter how much Mr. Wolf tells me fashion isn’t the concern, I just can’t do it.  I bought a pair of cute Croc flats to wear with Maxi dresses. Image

They are soooo comfy and expand to my swollen pancake feet!  They don’t offer much support however.  I may get gelled insoles to see if that helps.


Sleeping:  it’s so hard to settle in to sleep!  She absolutely hates when I lay on my right side.  I have read that left side is best anyway, but my MW suggested that I switch sides because if I favor one side too much, I’ll develop hip pain etc.  But if I roll to the right side, she kicks and kicks and wins the battle. I don’t want her uncomfortable!  Sometimes I catch myself having rolled onto my back because suddenly either I can’t breathe, or Ill hear a labored snore (sorry Mr Wolf, ha ha!), or Mr. Wolf will nudge me over to my side. ( I’ve told him that if he sees me on my back to wake or move me).  The past two nights I’ve woken up asleep on my left side, but with my right arm on pins and needles numb.  Very strange!


Braxton Hicks: I’ve also had a couple of episodes of Braxton Hicks.  Even though I know they’re normal, I always panic and wonder “oh no! Is this the real thing?”.


Blood pressure and sugar are good!  My MW wants me to do a protein check using urine dip stick test at every appointment going forward.


My new nephew is such a treasure to the family.  I completely see now why everyone says “you’ll never sleep when baby is born.”  My sister sleeps in 2 hour intervals IF THAT.  By the time she falls asleep after feeding him and settling him down, he’s up again demanding more milk/attention!  So, I 100% see what we are in for soon. Ha ha.   I just melt every time I feed him out of a bottle and he just looks into my eyes.  Ahhh! My heart bursts.


Is everyone else’s pregnancy progressing as you pictured? I hope everyone is doing well and that the babies are baking nicely!


Message to my dear Lya: I want to follow you but your blog now needs an invite!  If you don’t mind adding xoxo


Quick Photo & Hello!

24 May

I’ve been so bad at updating!  I have a draft post half written, in which I plan to write about Braxton Hicks, Sleeping, Comfy Footwear, Round Ligament etc., but haven’t had a chance to really sit down and finish it. For now, here’s a picture of my 3-week old nephew resting on my 30-week bump taken two weeks ago Image🙂