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37 weeks !!

30 Jun

And my OB put me on medical leave!!! Thank GOD.  My commute home from work that first day back was even worse.  I was dizzy and nauseauted dealing with the pain of my toe and the heat of the day.  (We are STILL in a heat wave from last week!)  I got home and just cried.  The next morning back on the train to go to my weekly appt with OB.  I was telling her how awful it is trying to get to work and she said “Well, I don’t like this.  It’s unsafe for you,  I don’t want you to fall and hurt your belly. How about I put you on medical leave?”  YES, PLEASE!!!!  I can’t even describe the relief.  And I’m so lucky because my office JUST implemented a short term disability insurance program which they expedited so that I might benefit with normal maternity.  Since this is medical leave, this qualifies too. They took my blood pressure and then put me on the non stress test monitor where they monitor contractions, heartbeat, etc.  Dr. came into room and told me that my blood pressure was high and that due to this she would have put me on leave anyway.  I had a measuring ultrasound slated for July 8, but she wanted it ‘next day’ instead, and then based on the measurements and another blood pressure check this coming week, she’ll assess whether or not she’d like to induce.  EEEEK!  I have a feeling though that now that I don’t have to deal with the stress of a work commute on a broken toe in the heat, that my blood pressure readings will be alot lower.

now that I’ve been home, I haven’t even logged onto the computer! All of my favorite blogs I need to catch up on. I havent forgotten anyone! 

My carpal is getting bad again so I booked another accupuncture carpal session for tomorrow.  well wish me luck for this tuesday!


36 weeks, 4 days

24 Jun

Welllll, my easy first and second trimesters have come to haunt me right now: I broke my left pinky toe right on time for 9 months pregnant. 


It was so stupid, too. Monday night we’re settling down to watch TV, and I”m trying to make it so Mr. Wolf has a relaxing evening because he has a procedure Tuesday morning in which he has to “go under”. (Endoscopy: camera down throat to check out digestive system). So I’m walking across the dining room and accidently kick a chair.  INTENSE PAIN. I scream and start crying, and husband runs to the living room asking if I’m OK.  It hurt too much to even stand, and we both knew it was more than just a stub. I called my OB after-hours and they assured me that XRay would be fine at 35 weeks, to double shield.  The ER doctor took a look and told me that he felt comfortable XRAying me at 35 weeks, because at this point baby was fully developed and that they Xray premature babies starting at 23 weeks.  So at least that made me feel better, knowing it was safe.  The tech wheeled me and my big ol’ belly into the Xray room and I guess habit made him ask: “Any chance you might be pregnant?”  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, did he think I was just carrying fat strangely?  “yes, 35 weeks” as I rub my ginormous belly.  “Oh! The doctor knows and is OK with this, right?” ANd i explain what he said.

Anyway, yep. Toe fractured.  I thought walking due to swelling was rough.  Now I have to pound this poor pinky with all this added weight.  I have crutches which CERTAINLY I cannot nor would I “swing” on.  (My MIL lent me hers, and gave me a tutorial complete with the swinging technique. UM, NO.) I took the rest of the week off of work and rested. BORING. I caught up on alot of TV. Now I’m back at work today and am miserable.  It really was awful taking that short walk from the train station to my office. It was literally 5 minutes before, so not “far”, but on a broken toe it felt like a mile!

I have an OB appt tomorrow morning and am so wishing she says “Well, this is too stressful for you and bad for pregnancy so putting you on bed rest”.  I can dream, right?

I had my shower on Saturday!!!  I’ll dedicate a fun post to this, I don’t want all the bad toe news tainting my baby shower 🙂

34 Weeks

10 Jun

Am 34 weeks, 4 days!  3 weeks to “full term”, and 6 weeks to Due Date.

My maternity leave hypothetically begins July 15, and I’d told myself I’d work past due date (July 18) if JellyBean wasn’t ready to make an appearance.  BUT, considering how uncomfortable I already am, I”m beginning to see July 15 start date as official (if not before, of course).

My right pointer finger is completely numb due to the carpal. I sleep with a brace and it helps in preventing me from waking up in pain, but it hasn’t helped the actual tingling.  I find myself dropping things because the proper grip is uncomfortable.

Mr. Wolf had to sleep on the couch. He told me my snoring has become nightmarish!  It started maybe two weeks ago?  He said it’s insane now.  How embarrassing!

We ordered a “click-clack” futon for downstairs which should be ready for pick up in two weeks.  It’s been getting exhausting for me, climbing up and going down the stairs all night. So I figure I could sleep downstairs in these last weeks, and I’ll have a refuge with the baby too, as I probably won’t want to keep walking those stairs post-delivery either.

I really need to get a hospital bag together, and we need to get washer/dryers. That’s been on our to-do list FOREVER. (Both of us are procrastinators. Grrreeeaattt….)

Things that I haven’t learned to stop eating:

Bagels – they make me burp and give me heartburn. But they taste soooo good!

Muffins – they make me feel sooo heavy afterwards, like there’s a lead weight in my stomach. Why do I not learn???


32-week Bump

5 Jun

32-week Bump

33 weeks

4 Jun

Wow, getting closer and closer!!!  4 weeks until considered “full term”, and 7 weeks until “due date”!  AAAAAA!! She is soooo huge, I really don’t see how I can possibly grow anymore! Here’s some updates.  (And besides these woes, I really am happy and feel blessed!)


And my rings are off. Boooooooooooo :*( Fingers are way too swollen. I got a stand-in set from O.verstock that is 2 sizes bigger and had to return it! Right now I’m wearing a silver Walmart wedding band. Meh, it works! I really do miss seeing my rings. The e-ring is an heirloom from his grandmother, and I just miss it!  I hope my hand returns to normal after labor quick


Last week was a heat wave and it was BRUTAL.  We went to my MIL’s house and I was able to swim ! (She lives right on the ocean).  It felt so amazing, being weightless in the water.  Once I got out, walking felt even heavier. I guess that’s what baby feels in the transition between womb and the world!


As SOON as I hit 33 weeks, my right wrist started to feel a little tingly.  The day before, I unplugged a copy machine at work (that’s my magical solution for fixing the copy machine ha ha), and thought I got zapped.  Our office is undergoing renovations so I thought, oh weird the wiring is off. “NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN”.  Then I had a meeting and of course brought along my fan.  When I went to unplug it, I got zapped again! “ Wow, what is going on here? “


I realized it wasn’t faulty wiring when I  grasped a skinny file off a counter.  I felt the same electrical current shoot down my fingers. Oh no! Yesterday it was difficult to hold the steering wheel, and the tingling has woken me right out of sleep.  I’ve been icing which brings instant relief. But it’s hard to sleep because no matter what side I sleep on, one arm or the other will fall asleep.  (Oh, and since she hates when I’m on my right side I try not to sleep that side)  My left falls asleep due to the added weight, and even though am on my left side, my right arm will still go numb.  Breathing when I catch myself asleep on my back has gotten worse too.  I’ll have to sleep like a bat and just hang by my ankles! 


Right now I’m wearing a splint which makes it feel stable but still tingly.  I’ll see what they say at my appointment next week. I emailed my OB’s office and asked if acupuncture was safe, and they said it was, so am going to make an appointment asap.  My feet are now instantly swelled if I walk for more than five minutes, even if it’s not a hot day.  But the pressure feels a little better than last week.  I bought a belt but haven’t felt desperate enough to try it out yet. Maybe tonight I’ll try it. 

 I now take a mini personal fan wherever I go. It is a GODSEND.  Seriously, if you’re pregnant in the summer GET ONE. I ordered mine from Amazon and has saved me on the train!

And people have been offering me their seats.  I hope I didn’t just jinx myself there.  Sometimes it’s a waiting game, where everyone sees who gives their seat up first. But most of the time someone jumps up. Yesterday Mr. Wolf asked someone if they minded helping me out which the man was happy to oblige.  At 33 weeks, with swollen feet, in the heat, sitting is a MUST!


Oh and Mr. Wolf and I are going to a breastfeeding class tonight.  I’ll let you know if I think it was worth it!Image