39 weeks, 6 days

16 Jul

Quick updates!  WordPress hates my IPad (or the reverse)… I’ve tried posting and it keeps freezing. GAH.  I also try commenting on others’ blogs and when they ask for credentials the keyboard feature on my IPad won’t pop up to let me type in my user name.  I fired up my laptop which I’ve been too lazy to do until right now.  Blogging was easier at work, ha ha!

So I’ve decided that natural induction only works when baby is ready to come out anyway.  Last Friday I did “induction acupuncture”, and took a loooong walk.  Also have eaten two entire pineapples/core… Made a strong brew of ginger root tea two nights in a row (that was the “trick” for my sister)….  ETC.  And nothing!  I have an OB appointment in two hours and I think they will prescribe induction meds.  Scary but exciting!!

It’s been really hard to stay asleep.  I feel like I wake up every hour to go pee, and don’t actually fall into a comfy sleep until 6 a.m.  It’s hard to get comfortable, every side I rest on is sore. And my wrists at night are useless!!!  The strain of the day makes them puffy and numb, and lately the tingling goes up until my right elbow.  I’ve been wearing a brace, and doing warm compresses when I notice that my vein is popping out.

It sounds awful but there are pluses too!!!  Pinky is great!  I am still buddy taping it, but I can walk with no pain!  I also can BREATHE now.  Baby has dropped so I have no more indigestion!!!  Which is HUGE because that used to make sleep pure torture between the peeing and the heartburn.

The hospital bags are packed, and baby’s room has come together beautiful.  Mr Wolf has put together her bassinette for downstairs, the co sleeper for upstairs, the sleeper sofa for downstairs (for when I don’t want to traipse up and down the stairs at first)… the swing… and more I forget what else.  All her clothes have been washed with baby detergent.  We are ready for you Lil Miss Kitty-Cat!



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