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My baby is 6 months old!!!

21 Jan

I am the internet’s worst blogger.  I really don’t know how you other “new moms” do it, but I just have not been able to update this!! I feel like it takes so much to just do things like the dishes, or washing bottles and pump parts, that any down time I have I want to just watch TV and not think.

 Well, I cannot believe that six months have really gone by!! It feels like 6 years. These have been the most beautiful, fulfilling, terrifying, hardest, and again most beautiful months of my life.  Baby is doing so well! She’s started solids.  It’s cute, whenever I eat she smacks her lips. I gave her a try at cereal at 4 months, and she loved it, but it also made her constipated so I stopped altogether until maybe 5.5 months. Then her first real meal was avocado- I just smooshed it up really thin and added breastmilk.  She LOVED it.  She also likes banana (but I just gave her a bite or two of that, I don’t want her used to sweets yet!).  I have to figure out some type of schedule for solids.  I’m not sure if I have to do one meal a day, or what. So far I’ve been doing them in the evening so that she isn’t as hungry at night. She has been waking up MORE now than before to nurse. She usually does 3 am. Then 5 am.  I actually enjoy it, because when I started work again she started to like the bottle more. I was convinced that she’d stop nursing altogether and I cried and cried.  But I kept pumping and kept offering it to her and she is back to nursing!! There are times when she wants to just sit and eat, so I’ll make her a bottle. The night nursing is my favorite though. I love just cradling her and listening to her drink the milk. Heaven.

So yes, I started when she was 5 months and the first day back was the WORST> I wanted to die.  But we did FaceTime, and by the afternoon my tears stopped flowing.  And I’m only back three days a week until she turns one, so that makes it so much easier.  My sister is watching her so that takes away so much stress!!! I know that she’s with her auntie that loves her 🙂

I’m writing these updates at work, because it’s the only “down time” I have in life right now! Ha ha. There’s so much more, but I Just wanted to check in!