34 Weeks

10 Jun

Am 34 weeks, 4 days!  3 weeks to “full term”, and 6 weeks to Due Date.

My maternity leave hypothetically begins July 15, and I’d told myself I’d work past due date (July 18) if JellyBean wasn’t ready to make an appearance.  BUT, considering how uncomfortable I already am, I”m beginning to see July 15 start date as official (if not before, of course).

My right pointer finger is completely numb due to the carpal. I sleep with a brace and it helps in preventing me from waking up in pain, but it hasn’t helped the actual tingling.  I find myself dropping things because the proper grip is uncomfortable.

Mr. Wolf had to sleep on the couch. He told me my snoring has become nightmarish!  It started maybe two weeks ago?  He said it’s insane now.  How embarrassing!

We ordered a “click-clack” futon for downstairs which should be ready for pick up in two weeks.  It’s been getting exhausting for me, climbing up and going down the stairs all night. So I figure I could sleep downstairs in these last weeks, and I’ll have a refuge with the baby too, as I probably won’t want to keep walking those stairs post-delivery either.

I really need to get a hospital bag together, and we need to get washer/dryers. That’s been on our to-do list FOREVER. (Both of us are procrastinators. Grrreeeaattt….)

Things that I haven’t learned to stop eating:

Bagels – they make me burp and give me heartburn. But they taste soooo good!

Muffins – they make me feel sooo heavy afterwards, like there’s a lead weight in my stomach. Why do I not learn???


32-week Bump

5 Jun

32-week Bump

33 weeks

4 Jun

Wow, getting closer and closer!!!  4 weeks until considered “full term”, and 7 weeks until “due date”!  AAAAAA!! She is soooo huge, I really don’t see how I can possibly grow anymore! Here’s some updates.  (And besides these woes, I really am happy and feel blessed!)


And my rings are off. Boooooooooooo :*( Fingers are way too swollen. I got a stand-in set from O.verstock that is 2 sizes bigger and had to return it! Right now I’m wearing a silver Walmart wedding band. Meh, it works! I really do miss seeing my rings. The e-ring is an heirloom from his grandmother, and I just miss it!  I hope my hand returns to normal after labor quick


Last week was a heat wave and it was BRUTAL.  We went to my MIL’s house and I was able to swim ! (She lives right on the ocean).  It felt so amazing, being weightless in the water.  Once I got out, walking felt even heavier. I guess that’s what baby feels in the transition between womb and the world!


As SOON as I hit 33 weeks, my right wrist started to feel a little tingly.  The day before, I unplugged a copy machine at work (that’s my magical solution for fixing the copy machine ha ha), and thought I got zapped.  Our office is undergoing renovations so I thought, oh weird the wiring is off. “NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN”.  Then I had a meeting and of course brought along my fan.  When I went to unplug it, I got zapped again! “ Wow, what is going on here? “


I realized it wasn’t faulty wiring when I  grasped a skinny file off a counter.  I felt the same electrical current shoot down my fingers. Oh no! Yesterday it was difficult to hold the steering wheel, and the tingling has woken me right out of sleep.  I’ve been icing which brings instant relief. But it’s hard to sleep because no matter what side I sleep on, one arm or the other will fall asleep.  (Oh, and since she hates when I’m on my right side I try not to sleep that side)  My left falls asleep due to the added weight, and even though am on my left side, my right arm will still go numb.  Breathing when I catch myself asleep on my back has gotten worse too.  I’ll have to sleep like a bat and just hang by my ankles! 


Right now I’m wearing a splint which makes it feel stable but still tingly.  I’ll see what they say at my appointment next week. I emailed my OB’s office and asked if acupuncture was safe, and they said it was, so am going to make an appointment asap.  My feet are now instantly swelled if I walk for more than five minutes, even if it’s not a hot day.  But the pressure feels a little better than last week.  I bought a belt but haven’t felt desperate enough to try it out yet. Maybe tonight I’ll try it. 

 I now take a mini personal fan wherever I go. It is a GODSEND.  Seriously, if you’re pregnant in the summer GET ONE. I ordered mine from Amazon and has saved me on the train! http://www.amazon.com/Travelon-3-Speed-Folding-White-Size/dp/B003DGPWLK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1370371150&sr=8-2&keywords=personal+fan

And people have been offering me their seats.  I hope I didn’t just jinx myself there.  Sometimes it’s a waiting game, where everyone sees who gives their seat up first. But most of the time someone jumps up. Yesterday Mr. Wolf asked someone if they minded helping me out which the man was happy to oblige.  At 33 weeks, with swollen feet, in the heat, sitting is a MUST!


Oh and Mr. Wolf and I are going to a breastfeeding class tonight.  I’ll let you know if I think it was worth it!Image

32 weeks!

28 May

I’m so sorry I’ve neglected to update my blog these past few weeks.  Mama has been busy!  Everything has been going great though.  I’ve been in my glory because last week I finished classes for the semester.  Now I can sleep in until 7:30 a.m. and worry only about my job, and can finally focus 100% on my pregnancy!! Honestly, I can’t believe that I managed to wake up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30AM (I am NOT a morning person in the least, much less during pregnancy!), go to the train, get on a shuttle, go to class until 8:50AM, back on the shuttle, back on the train, go to work by 9:30, and stay there sleepy and exhausted already until 5:30.  I give myself 3 gold stars!  I’m SO glad that’s over.


OK here are my updates:


My belly is getting H U U G E !  I smile when I think back on what I thought was a bump back at 14 weeks.  I remember wishing so badly that it would grow.  Well, there is no mistaking this belly.  I feel like everywhere I go, people just stare at me.  Some days it makes me feel good, other days it makes me feel self-conscious.

 Walking is sometimes near impossible.  It’s been an easy pregnancy thus far: I never had morning sickness or vomiting… I had energy… so I can’t complain.  Nor would I!  But the fact is, after more than 5 minutes of walking the pressure I feel in my cervix/pelvis is excruciating.  Today I was near tears.  We slowly trudged to the train station and I was grimacing the whole way.  Mr. Wolf is such a good cheerleader during these treks. Thank God we walk to and from work together.  It feels like my  belly is going to fall right through my cervix. Sometimes it’s a sharp pain, where every step sends a crushing blow – other times it’s just immense pressure.  I’ve mentioned it several times to my OB and MW, and they assure me it’s normal.  That I should walk slow, or take breaks during walking, but that it’s a combination of round ligament/growing pains and increased pressure due to growing baby.  They suggested a maternity belt.  The only thing is: #1 – right now the only thing that I find comfortable wearing are dresses because anything around my waist hurts. Even stretchy maternity panels.  It’s suffocating and painful.  So I’m doing only dresses.  So I’m afraid that a belt will feel just as constrictive as a maternity panel. Do I choose my poison?  #2: there’s nowhere I can go to “try them on”.  I have to blindly order online.  I read reviews of a couple on Amaz.on, and they all say “this runs too small” or “this runs too big” or “you better pray you’re in the 1% this is made to fit”.  And I know myself. I know that if it doesn’t fit, I’ll never go through the process of returning it.  It seems a gamble to me.  Agh.  I just know that I have 8 more weeks of this walking torture, so I suppose it’s worth the gamble.

 Swelling/Footwear:  Woah Nelly, do my feet and hands swell! Sometimes my hands look like man hands (to me).  I’m still wearing my engagement/wedding bands, but the fingers are definitely puffy.  I’m trying to leave them on as long as possible.  I walked to an appointment last week, and when I got back my flats didn’t fit! (I wore flip flops for the walk).  My feet got so puffy it was scary.  I elevated them under my desk and drank lots of water.  They were still puffy when I got home for hours.  I’ve been wearing Reefs flip flops, that do give me good arch support.  But sometimes I feel like I need the support of a sneaker.  Unfortunately those don’t go with Maxi dresses, and no matter how much Mr. Wolf tells me fashion isn’t the concern, I just can’t do it.  I bought a pair of cute Croc flats to wear with Maxi dresses. Image

They are soooo comfy and expand to my swollen pancake feet!  They don’t offer much support however.  I may get gelled insoles to see if that helps.


Sleeping:  it’s so hard to settle in to sleep!  She absolutely hates when I lay on my right side.  I have read that left side is best anyway, but my MW suggested that I switch sides because if I favor one side too much, I’ll develop hip pain etc.  But if I roll to the right side, she kicks and kicks and wins the battle. I don’t want her uncomfortable!  Sometimes I catch myself having rolled onto my back because suddenly either I can’t breathe, or Ill hear a labored snore (sorry Mr Wolf, ha ha!), or Mr. Wolf will nudge me over to my side. ( I’ve told him that if he sees me on my back to wake or move me).  The past two nights I’ve woken up asleep on my left side, but with my right arm on pins and needles numb.  Very strange!


Braxton Hicks: I’ve also had a couple of episodes of Braxton Hicks.  Even though I know they’re normal, I always panic and wonder “oh no! Is this the real thing?”.


Blood pressure and sugar are good!  My MW wants me to do a protein check using urine dip stick test at every appointment going forward.


My new nephew is such a treasure to the family.  I completely see now why everyone says “you’ll never sleep when baby is born.”  My sister sleeps in 2 hour intervals IF THAT.  By the time she falls asleep after feeding him and settling him down, he’s up again demanding more milk/attention!  So, I 100% see what we are in for soon. Ha ha.   I just melt every time I feed him out of a bottle and he just looks into my eyes.  Ahhh! My heart bursts.


Is everyone else’s pregnancy progressing as you pictured? I hope everyone is doing well and that the babies are baking nicely!


Message to my dear Lya: I want to follow you but your blog now needs an invite!  If you don’t mind adding mrslilybugg78@gmail.com? xoxo

Quick Photo & Hello!

24 May

I’ve been so bad at updating!  I have a draft post half written, in which I plan to write about Braxton Hicks, Sleeping, Comfy Footwear, Round Ligament etc., but haven’t had a chance to really sit down and finish it. For now, here’s a picture of my 3-week old nephew resting on my 30-week bump taken two weeks ago Image🙂

Officially in third trimester!!!!

26 Apr

So excited to be able to write that!!!  I’m still very cautious and nervous, but I think that’s just a personality glitch.  For example, a friend wanted me to “hurry up and have that baby” and my immediate reaction in my head was “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no no no!! She’s due in July!! It’s April!! I can’t hurry up and have it, she’s baking and she’s growing!!!”  Obviously she didn’t mean “have it now” – more like “I wish time would fly faster.” but the superstitious nervous wreck that I am had a mini-stroke with that innocent comment.  Ayyyy a yay.

-strangely, (or not so strangely, since my OB warned me of this), starting this past Monday I felt pregnant all over again.  The energy I still felt after a long day of early morning class and full day of work was gone.  My sister had her baby boy and I wanted so badly to visit again, but I was just. too. tired.  I couldn’t even imagine driving the mere 15 minutes to visit. I needed the bed. And so I lay there.  (I never am able to just nap, I just lay.)  My OB warned me that second trimester was great, and third I’d feel all the symptoms again.  She was right!

Also, my indigestion wants to come back. no! stay away!  Indigestion for me means constant burps. Embarrassing.

When I walk too much, I still feel crampy.  I keep meaning to look for maternity belts on amazon, but the reviews are always so mixed and I can’t seem to pull the trigger on one.

And I’ve just been loving loving LOVING the kicks. 

every day is a blessing :)

17 Apr

Bump is growing growing growing!!!

Baby girl is kicking me lots – I love it!! The feeling is unreal.

It’s getting really hard to put on socks, or lift things off the ground.  Sometimes if I drop some change, I just leave it because it’s too hard to pick up, ha ha.  My nephew was laughing at me cause I couldn’t reach over to get a ketchup packet from a coffee table, he had to help.

I’m waddling now. So my office mate tells me. Ha. thanks :p

I cramp when I walk too much so I have to slow down and “take breaks”, but I’ve been checked and everything is OK.

Oh! And my sister’s baby was born on Sunday!!!! 20 inches, 7.2 lbs, and he is just perfect. A cousin for our babygirl!

I have a second glucose test that I have to get done within 10 days, but I’m not too worried. Hopefully I didn’t jinx it!

I can’t think of more random updates but I’m so blessed to be at 26 weeks 🙂